Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

This Privacy Policy is valid for you if you use or have expressed a thought to use the SelfPro Platform and Services, including in the demo or trail version.

  • We gather your data in these different ways:
    1. Your personal data is granted to us through the representative of the Client or any other User (of your company);
    2. you grant us with your data yourself;
    3. we get your personal data by a third party (for example when a third party payment service provider assures whether your payment was done successfully or not);
    4. we have gathered your personal data from the automatic means. Such processing moreover includes gathering data about leads (marketing leads, trial and demo Clients, and their representatives) through the public registers.
  • We use suspiciously chosen service providers (or data processors) for the processing of your personal data. And for this, we remain completely responsible for your personal data and details.
  • We mostly process your data for the purpose of performing and concluding the Contract with the Client. This comprises providing customer support as well as contacting you otherwise as regards the Services and the Platform.
  • We just share your data with third parties if demanded herein, if needed under the applicable law or under your consent.
  • We take suitable organizational and technical security measures to secure your personal data, taking into account costs of implementation, the state of the art, scope context, nature and purposes of the processing, and threats posed to you. These security measures comprise, but are not limited to, access controls and encrypted storage.
  • We retain your data for as long as required for the purposes they were gathered for, as long as required to preserve our rights, or as long as necessary by the valid law. Please keep in mind that if the similar personal data is processed for various purposes, the data will be preserved for the longest applicable retention period.
  • You are having all the rights reserved of a data subject regarding your personal data. These rights contain the following:
    1. get a copy of your personal data;
    2. request access to your data;
    3. rectify incomplete or inaccurate personal data;
    4. control the processing of personal data;
    5. erase personal data;
    6. portability of your data;

If you have any concern regarding your personal data processing by us or you want to exercise your rights as a data subject, then never hesitate to contact us.

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