Terms of use

Terms of use

The terms of use contains some terms and conditions that govern your access to our platform. You need to follow all the terms to conveniently access the platform.

  • Client & User Accounts shall be valid until their termination or deletion of the Contract. In case any Client has requested to delete the Client Account, then the Operator will view it as an end of the Contract by the Client.
  • The User Accounts would be administered by the Client that mean the Client has all the rights to create, deactivate and change User Accounts at its own caution and the information regarding the User. The Operator will have the right as well as obligation to make a new User Account only in the case of Client is incapable to access its Account and no User is a legal delegate of the Client. A legal delegate or representative of the Client is a person of the management board on the registry card of client.
  • When an account is created, a Client & User shall pick out an account name & password which allow them to log in to the Platform. The Users and Client shall keep their account name as well as password secret & avoid them from falling into the knowledge of third parties. The Operator moreover facilitates Client log in to the Platform through a unique User or client link, in that case entering the account name & password will not be required. Clients have the choice to activate this option in the settings of their Account.
  • A User or Client shall instantly notify the Operator:
    1. of the loss of password or its getting into the control of third parties;
    2. of violence of its account;
    3. any change in their like resignation or any other reason why the person no longer has the permission to use the Services or Platform in the name of that Client.
  • If the Client wants to continue accessing the Platform under that price package following the end of the free trial period, it will need to select a suitable package & do a prepayment for the particular period after the end of the trial period. If a uses has not done that, the Operator has all the rights to quickly close the User Accounts and Client Account upon the end of the free trial period.
  • In case the Client is paying through the credit card, the Client provide authority to the Operator to charge their bank account or credit card for all fees payable for every payment period. The User also authorizes the Operator to utilize a third party to progress the payments.

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